martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

KPOP WORLD FESTIVAL 2012 SPAIN - Mr.Simple dance cover by B/Yul

We were in Madrid on 27th for the semi-finals of Kpop World Festival 2012 in Spain and...
WE WON THE SECOND PRIZE!!! (five Samsung Galaxy S II). Unfortunately, we didn't win the travel to Korea ᅲᅳᅲ But we're also happy!!
Thank you all for your support, really! And thanks to CCC too, the organization was excellent :DDD
Congrats to SstracciatellasS for the first prize and the others winners like Scarlet Scandal, Cristina, Chocobos and Pablo Kyo Key!!! ^-^

Please, enjoy it~~
Thank you ♥

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