martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Intro + Warrior - B.A.P dance cover by B/Yul

Barcelona, Spain.


YES!! guess who's back... :p 
New super cover ~ we prepared this for the next Cover Dance Festival,
with an intro made by our male member (Juan Martín) and a dance cover of Warrior (B.A.P), it's the hardest dance cover we've done so far and we really tried our best though we surely have some mistakes but at least we hope that you enjoy it!! :)

We prepared the costumes ourselves as well and we're proud of it beause it's the first time we do it!! =^^=

Please, support us for the Dance Cover Festival!! ♥ 
we promise that if we pass to the semi final round, we're gonna practise so hard to improve this cover and give such a great impression to the guests of the event!

As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everybody who support us, also to people who came to see this performance and who watch our videos! We love each of you ~ ♥

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