martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Can't Nobody - 2ne1 dance cover by B/Yul

Barcelona, Spain

Thank you ♥

Hello ♥
we're back with a new dance cover!
We danced in an event here in Barcelona,
and we had to learn this dance in 2 weeks and we could practise only one day the whole group together, so sorry for our mistakes!

We hope you enjoy it!
Thank you for your support!! ^^

ABOUT "JAPAN WEEKEND"... many people have told us about it, so we want to explain. The event is called Japan Weekend because it's about Japanese culture, but since there are no events about Korean culture in Barcelona and we want to dance kpop in public, they always let us dance Kpop in their event... because many people who goes there to enjoy Japanese culture do also like Korean and kpop. That stage is provided by the event, and there are many different activities in that stage about many different things, that's why it says Japan Weekend. I don't know why some people feel offended.... can't you just enjoy the dance as we do?... thank you. :3

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